The GiRl Monastic School  (Bomdila Monastery) was established with the government initiative and popular assistance after the Chinese Aggression of 1962. During the course of this aggression panic-stricken people and monks fled from this area to  take shelter in Shillong and other areas. Due to the confidence building measures of the government normalcy was restored and people returned to their native places. 

Observing the influence of the Buddish Monasteries

The Chief Commissioner of NEFA, Mr. K.A.A Raja and then the Deputy Commissioner of the Kameng District, Mr. T.Haralu took keen interest and initiative for establishing the Bomdila Monastery and GRL Monastic Schoo for cultural Integration of this tribal and border are with Indian Mainstream.

Accordingly with the honourable Chief Miniter of Assam, Mr. Chaliha advised Mr. K.A.A. Raja and Mr. Tharalu, to meet the 12th Tsona Gontse Ripoche (the traditional spiritual head of this are) and request him to contribute the task of national integration by constructing the monastery and the monastic Schoo. Mr. T. Haralu , then after D.C, Kameng district allowed a plot of land in 1965 and granted roofing materials with seek of money for this purpose. 

The Society contemplates to increase the intake capacity to 300monks in future and the foundation stone of hostel was laid by the Hobble Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Shri Pema Khan ji on 2nd September,2020. Here the students are provided free education, food and other basic amenities. People from both within and outside the state are approaching to get their wards admitted in the monastic school.

Details of subjects

  1. Buddhist Text memorisation
  2. Buddhist Dialectics
  3. Buddhist Rituals
  4. Mandala art practice (Kyil-khor)
  5. Traditional Monastic Dances
  6. Bhoti Language
  7. Modern English
  8. Hindi
  9. Debate on Buddhist Texts

Academic & Co-curricular Activities

  1. Kangyur Recitation
  2. Guru Bhum-Tsok and Dolma Bhum Reading and memorising for one lakh times
  3. Who Kel-Sang Text Reading forgone thousand times
  4. Namgyalma Text Reading for Thousand time
  5. Lha-Mu Kang-Shak Text Reading for Thousand times
  6. Ny-Choe and Goal-way Shap-ten etc. frequently
  7. So-Jong (Confession) on 15the and 30the of every month of the Buddhist lunar Calendar
  8. Universal Peace Day Puja
  9. Independence Day Puja
  10. Republic Day Puja.
  11. BCPs Raising Day Puja
  12. Yar-Ney (Summer retreat) for 45 days

Special Achievements