Sherab Sangpo Sangha, Malaysia was started in 2006 at Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya, which was initially named as Tsonawa Dharma Centre by His Eminence the 13th Tsona Gontse Rinpoche. The Centre was set up in the house of Dr. C.T. Lee and family with financial supports from a group of dharma friends such as Major Leow, Jasmine, Doris, Alice Koo, Amy Lye, Johnny, Adam Choo and other dharma friends.
Geshe Lobsang Norbu (Gen Geshe la) and Dr. Ngawang Thupten (popularly known amongst Malaysian dharma friends as Geshe Shakya) were sent by the Buddhist Culture Preservation Society, Bomdila to set up the Centre and promote Buddha Dharma. As per the task assigned by the Society, Gen Geshela and Geshe Shakya did their level best to set up the centre and coordinated with many dharma friends and conducted dharma activities including teaching of Bhoti language and basic dharma practice and consultation to the needy patients through Sowa Rigpa system of medicine.

               Within a few months, the Tsonawa Dharma Centre became quite popular in Malaysia by the grace of late Tsona Rinpoche and support from our sponsors. The Centre has successfully organized Grand Naga Puja and White Tara empowerment etc. under the Chairmanship of Dr. C.T. Lee and other committee members. In 2007 while the Centre was smoothly going on and benefitting many dharma friends, unfortunately, due to some obstacles and unavoidable technical problem, the Centre was temporarily closed down.

In 2008, with continuous request from the devotees of late Tsona Rinpoche, it was decided to reopen the Tsonawa Dharma Centre at Selayang area where many devotees of Rinpoche were residing. For this purpose, Dr. Ngawang Thupten (Geshe Shakya) was again assigned the task of setting up Centre at Selayang by the BCP Society which he completed within a short period of three months with financial and moral supports from Dharma friends such as Alice Koo and family, Goh Lee Tin, Goh Lee San and family, Mun Chee Meng, Shirley Yong, Major Leow, Phik Charng, Leva Chua, Cannerie and other dharma friends. Rinpoche’s friend Dato Mah was kind enough to sponsor the rent and other expenses of the Centre at Selayang.

               After successfully setting up the Tsonawa Dharma Centre at Selayang, Geshe Shakya returned back to Bomdila and sent Shri Tashi Tsering (then lama) to manage the new Centre as Centre Lama and learn Mandarin for the purpose of translation for late Rinpoche. Shri Tashi Tsering spent around two years in the Centre for that purpose and finally had to return back to India due to health problem. After his return back to Bomdila, the Centre left without lama for many months due to the visa issue.

In 2014, the Centre was shifted to Old Klang Road area with help of Alice Koo along with other dharma friends and main sponsor Ms Jenny Ngam & Ms Tracy Ng who helped to pay for the entire renovation cost and rental deposits. During that time, the Centre was renamed by our late Tsona Rinpoche as Sherab Sangpo Sangha after the name of his first reincarnation of the omniscient Kunkhyen Sherab Sangpo (Noble Wisdom) and thereafter the Tsonawa Dharma Centre is known as Sherab Sangpo Sangha. Meanwhile, the visa policy of Malaysian government became more flexible and the senior lamas from GRL Monastery have been routinely sent to SSS Centre for Centre Lama until the issue of Covid-19 in early 2020.

                Presently, Sherab Sangpo Sangha, Malaysia has shifted and is now situated at 14-1, Jalan 1/1B, Regalia Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor and it has been running smoothly under the able direction of Chairman, Mr. David Lim Hun Soon and Secretary Ms. Alice Koo Soon Oi. As a team work, the members of Sherab Sangpo Sangha have also been actively participated in organizing various activities of dharma practice and execution of sponsorship scheme for the social activities under taken by the BCPS and its Wings.