White Tara, known as Jetsun Dolma to local people is a typical female Buddha and is extremely popular among lay Buddhists and those in monastic institutions. She is distinguished by her vajra posture above a white moon disc and a lotus seat. Her body radiates in a resplendent white while her face shows a pacifying look. She is adorned with unfurled scarf and a lotus flower on her left palm. Her right hand shows an open palm mudra of giving. She is well known for her infinite altruistic qualities, particularly in extending compassion, long life, healing and serenity to all beings. White Tara is also a source of relief from bad karma and very merciful to all. She is gifted with seven eyes, symbolising her ability to see all suffering in the world and unselfishly pacifying them. She is a female aspect of the Buddha of Compassion, Avalokitesvara and reputed to be born from his tears.

The White Tara statue was constructed at Mon Lumla by the Society under the spiritual leadership and guidance of H.E. the 13th T.G.Rinpoche. The main idea behind construction of this statue is to ensure peace and prosperity, particularly of the people of the Mon region and entire world in general.

A pilgrimage to the Altruistic Peak of White Tara to have a glimpse of 97-feet high magnificent White Tara statue at Lumla is very often undertaken by the pilgrims from the country and abroad to invoke her omniscience, infinite blessings, great compassion and boundless wisdom for the benefit of all residents of Lumla area and sentient beings throughout the world.

The Dolma Lhakhang construction project was commenced w.e.f. 31st March 2006 and the construction work was completed in 2016 with financial support from governments of India and Arunachal Pradesh along with donors from all over the world. After completion of this project in 2016, it has opened up new vistas of pilgrimage and tourism and created the avenues for boosting economic condition of local populace. The Dolma Bum (One hundred thousand chanting of Tara Devi’s prayer) and Monyul Monlam Chenmo is annually solemnised by the Society at Dolma Lhakhang for the world peace, which attracts a large gathering of devotees and tourists.